The Underrated Lip Balm

Clinique Lip Balm closedClinique Lip Balm open

When it comes to lip products, I’m a little high-maintenance. Or, rather, my lips are. There are very few products that agree with them and don’t make them flake and peel like crazy. Even so-called hydrating formulas don’t work for me. As such, it’s remarkably difficult to find lip balms that work. When I do, I have to share. Read more!

The Matte BB Cream

Tarte BB tube

Modeled after the Asian skincare phenomenon, Western BB creams have been popping out of the woodwork over the past few years. Largely, though, I’ve been disappointed with them for three main reasons. Read those reasons.

The Curly Hair Routine…2.0.

thumnail raw file

You might recall this post, but now, it’s in video form (plus a few product changes!). Read more!

The “My Lips But Pinker” Lipstick


closed tube

I can’t be the only Canadian makeup lover who stalks drugstores waiting for products I heard about from US bloggers to drop, can I? Read more!

The $4 Blush

ELF HD Blush Superstar

There’s something about a super-affordable makeup brand that frequently gets products right that makes me feel weak in the knees.

That’s probably an unhealthy reaction, but that’s okay – I’m going with it. Read more!

Masks for All!

I love skincare – probably more than I love makeup – and masks are a big part of that. They can give you instant results (results that require maintenance, but instant no less!). So I’m sharing my favourite masks for all skin types.

The Recent Repurchases


With so much out there in the beauty world, for me, finishing a product means an opportunity to try something new – to go out there and find the next best (or just new) thing.

But sometimes, there is nothing better. Read more!

Weird, but Good: Maple & Bacon Cupcakes


Recently, I discovered CupcakeJemma on YouTube (through one of those pesky ads, believe it or not!). She’s a British baker with her own bakery, and she’s also affiliated with Jaime Oliver. I watched a ton of her videos, and it was love – she’s funny, clever, and insanely creative. She makes baking and cake decorating youthful, fun, exciting, and accessible. I like her so much, I ordered her cook book.

That being said, there are few recipes in this world that I see and feel like I have to try. Mostly I just stick with the classics – vanilla cupcakes, chocolate cupcakes, brownies, chocolate chip cookies, and so on. I am not by any means an adventurous baker. But Jemma’s video for Maple & Bacon Cupcakes made it look so delicious that I couldn’t not try it. It’s bacon in a cupcake, and as a fan of both those things, I got excited. Read more!

Benefit’s LolliTint

LolliBalm Closeup

We all know I’m super picky when it comes to lip products. (Exhibits A, B, and C.)

But here’s the thing: I love the idea of a lip and cheek stain. Love it. But so far, I’ve yet to find one that’s blendable enough that I can blend it out on my cheeks without leaving it looking splotchy. Benefit’s Tints are no exception: they set too quickly, making it incredibly difficult to get a good blend going no matter what tools I use to do it. Read more!

Wilton Cake Decorating Course Update IV: Cake (Again), Writing, & a Very Annoying Rose


It’s hard to believe that July is over: favourites time crept up on me, which is one way I keep track of time whizzing by in the summer months. However, throughout July, I also kept track of time on a week-to-week basis with my cake decorating course. I’d wake up every Tuesday and have to bake a different treat and whip up oodles of buttercream frosting tinted (mostly) pastel colours. Then, in the evening I’d haul it all into the car and drive to Michael’s. Read more!


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