The Warm Contour

Mac Blunt and Brush

I used to have things very clearly-defined in my mind: bronzers were warm, and contours were cool. I used a bronzer with an orange-y/red undertone to warm up my skin, and a contour with a grey undertone to create realistic-looking cool shadows.

But warm contouring is so in, and truth be told, it much easier and more manageable than cool contouring. {Read more…}

The Bath Experience


About a month ago, I moved into my own apartment. It’s the first proper place of my own I’ve ever had not counting the dodgy fully-furnished place I subletted one summer. It’s lovely, bright, and clean. One of the best parts of living here, though, is that I have a bath tub.

I haven’t lived somewhere with a bath tub in literally a decade. Baths are a bit of a thing in the beauty community, and I’ve been excluded from this trend for years. Until now. [Read more…]

In My Shower Right Now…

In My Shower

Maybe I’m alone on this, but it takes me a really long time to decide that I like a body, shower, or hair product, whereas I pretty much know whether I like a makeup product right away. These are the products I’ve added to my shower routine in the past few months that I have just decided that I actually like. Read more…