The June Favourites


Now, when I do favourites videos, I have to put the year on them just because I’ve been on YouTube for a year and now I have two June Favourites, etc. It’s weird. ANYWAY.

Here are my June faves! I loved a lot of products this month, so I was really careful to choose the absolute best of the best. It’s a nice short video with new and better sound quality!

Colonialism and Concealer: The Importance of Realistic Makeup Expectations


Over the past month or so, I have encountered numerous people in search of that one miracle product that will do x for them. I feel so sad when I have to let them down and tell them that there is no makeup product in the world that will do what they want it to do because it is physically impossible without surgery. Consider this a highlight reel and an education in what is reasonable to expect from your makeup. {Read more!}